Journal Entry No. 52 Edit

The Imperial Knights have scheduled me to return to the American Empire tomorrow. A much less powerful empire and the place where my parents were born. I have agreed to go with along with this plan because I was just told by John that he would be able to help me out. He has equipment that will allow me to blend in with the shadows and become stealth like a ninja. In face, he calls his suit the Ninja V. According to him five is his lucky number and all the kinks have been worked out. He will strip all the blueprints from his computer and his father's system so know one will be able to tie either one of use to the project. He has even given me a design for a mask to hide my identity while I am behind enemy lines. It contains a communicator and infrared specs for night and thermal vision. The odd thing about this mask is he stitched a red "N" on the forehead for "Ninja". I think I have a better name. Nightfall. I will write again soon...until next nightfall