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Bryant Williams was a sophomore student at New York City International University when he received an internship from his professor, Dr. Richard Boyle. Richard Boyle taught Early Ancient Cultures and Early World History as well as a well respected archeologist. Despite Bryant's average performance in class, he was offered the internship as a personal assistant to Dr. Boyle. In the summer, the two departed for an excavation of alien tunnels that dated hundreds of years before the pyramids were buuilt in ancient Egypt. Bryant vigorously worked on the translation team deciphering ancient text. They had worked for months in the tunnels and were slowly discovering that the tunnels were actually a prison for a magician bent on world domination.

During a lunch, one of the workers showed Bryant an amulet that had three gemstones engraved with the symbols of strength, life and air. Bryant asked the worker to give him the amulet for a further investigation.Later that night, Bryant finished translating a huge book that told the story of the aliens stay on Earth. In it he learned that what he had was magically ordained. He informed Dr.Boyle of his findings. Later, The Pharaoh was released from his prison killing e veryone present except Dr. Boyle and Bryant who had escaped to the surface. On the surface in front of the pyramids that managed to still be standing the battle between Bryant and The Pharaoh raged. Only Dr. Boyle suffered at the hands of The Pharaoh by being split in half.

After escaping prosecution, Bryant returned to NYCIU to finish his degree in Ancient Studies. He took the identity of Trinity to help the people of New York City and to stop any plots ofThe Pharaoh. Quickly, Bryant became a very highly respected hero among the population and his hero peers. His adventures brought him in contact with Jo-E, Beat, Bolt and Kyle Brendon as he quickly learned that sometimes help was needed to take down more powerful foes.

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Bryant was asked to join The Association by Dr. Knowles as a part of the A-Team. He stayed on the A-Team only a few months before his leadership qualities forced him to bump heads with Bullet. He personally asked Dr. Knowles to release him from his contract but was instead offered a promotion to B-Team Field Leader. He accpeted and continues to lead them on team missions. He sometimes fills in for a missing member of the A-Team or tag along because he thinks their missions are more high profile.

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The main sorce of Bryant's powers is an amulet that posses magic taken from The Pharaoh. The amulet has three blue gems embedded in it that have the ancient alien symbols of life, air and strength. Each gem is a source of one of his powers

  • Gem of Life: This gem holds the ability to heal anyone who wears it.
  • Gem of Strength: This gem enhances the physical strength of the wearer.
  • Gem of Air: This gem magically engulfs its holder in a aura that allows him/her to fly.

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Trinity's costume is designed as rip right from the comic books. He wears a complete skin-tight royal blue Viscon suit that has to be stretched to cover his body. Bryant does say that the material is comfortable because it conforms to the shape of his body instead of fighting it. His suit is topped off with some slick white boots that stop mid calf, white gauntlets and his trade mark white cape. On his chest he wears his calling card a single white equilateral triangle. And on the top of the triangle on its point is an amulet embedded into his suit. The amulet hold and must hold at all time three mythic gems that are the source to his powers. He does not ever cover his face to hide who he is and when in costume will no longer answer to the name Bryant. Trinity also does not wear the logo for The Association anywhere on his costume.

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